Sensei Maurice
5th Dan

Sensei Maurice is a strong, disciplined, devoted and experienced Karate advocate, having trained and studied 3 major Karate styles. He is a nationally recognised and respected karate teacher (Sensei) with over 45 yrs of practice and teaching experience.
Apart from his excellent competition achievement, he has produce numerous National and International competitors.
He began practicing Karate (Kyokushin kai Style) in 1970 at the age of 16. He recalls the vigorous, repetitious, intense physical and disciplined training. In these early years there were no head, fist or feet protection used during sparring or competition.
With the change within the Dojo direction he moved on to Budokan Karate International (Shotokan Style), under Master Chew Choo Soot for approximately 11 years.
In 1982 he began training and practicing Shito Ryu Karate and Kobudo (under Master Hayashi Ha) and this required him to learn and refine all new katas and techniques for that style including weapons training (Kobudo).
In 2004 he transitioned to another Master of Shito Ryu Karate (Master Kenei Mabuni) under the expert guidance of the world-recognised and respected Sensei Con Kassis. Sensei Maurice has the following qualifications:

  • Chief Instructor of Traditional Karate Academy
  • Member of the Australian Karate Federation.
  • Former Treasurer for the WA – Karate Federation
  • Bronze Coach National Accreditation Scheme
  • International Kata & Kumite Referee
  • Senior Kata Coach of the WA – Karate Federation