Senpai Lisa

Following in the footsteps of her two older brothers Senpai Lisa began practicing Shito Ryu Karate and Kobudo under Master Hayashi. Her hard work was rewarded in October 2000 when she was awarded the rank of Black Belt Shodan. In 2002, she assisted in the establishment of Traditional Karate Academy (TKA) and continues the practice and study of Shito Ryu under the expert guidance of Sensei Maurice Matteucci. She was also key in establishing the TKA fundraising committee with the help of dedicated parents. Senpai Lisa has always had a strong interest in both Traditional and Competition Karate. In 2004, she became a member of the Western Australian State Karate Squad and in 2012 was selected State team Captain. Since 2002 she has won medals representing TKA and Australia in local, regional, national and international Championships. Among her many competitive achievements were the following placings:

  • Australian Karate Weapons champion – 2x Gold, 1x Bronze
  • Australian Nationals (highest ranking 4th Place individual female senior kata)
  • Australian team kata National Champion x 4
  • Multiple Local & state champion between 2004 -2016 in multiple disciplines – individual Kata, Team kata, weapons Kata & Kumite.
  • Represented Australia and TKA in Singapore, Shitokai Asia Pacific Championships (Gold team Kata, 2nd Individual Kata, 4th Kumite)
  • Represented Australia and TKA in Japan, Shitokai World Championships (Tokyo),
  • Represented Australia and TKA I Hong Kong, Shitokai Asia Pacific Championships
  • Nominated by Australian Karate Federation to represent Australia in Montreal.

After a hard and long preparation in November 2009 she attended and successfully achieved Black Belt Nidan. In 2014, she was nominated and appointed to the Western Australian Karate Federation coaching panel specialising in Kata and continues to coach alongside Sensei Maurice, both for the WA Karate Federation and at TKA headquarters in Coogee and is currently working towards attaining her Blackbelt Sandan in the near future.