Senpai Dave

Senpai Dave began training in Hayashi-Ha Shitoryu karate in 1986 aged 31 and in 1994 achieved the rank of black belt shodan. About this time he also began training Kenshinryu kobudo, an Okinawan weapons martial art, at the same academy. This involved learning the use of the bo, sai, tonfa, nunchaku and kama, as well as some kali, a martial art from the Philippines involving single stick, twin sticks and the knife and Iai-do, the use of the Japanese sword. He achieved the rank of black belt shodan in Kenshinryu kobudo in 2001.

In 2002/2003 he studied Keishinkan aikido and was introduced to the jo, a staff slightly longer than the sword.

He has also trained in the use of the uku (oar) the jo (Okinawan style) and nitanbo, or twin batons, in Okinawan style.

Since 2011 he has travelled with the club team as a coach to tournaments in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, as well as assisting with tournaments locally.

He currently assists Sensei Maurice with instructing at the Coogee dojo and at Aubin Grove primary school.